Electric Heating

Electric Radiator Controls Electric Radiator Not all Electric heaters will achieve the same result on an EPC. Plug in portable heaters are the lowest rating electric heaters, this is because they are not energy efficient. Choosing the right heater can be a daunting task to get the best rating. here is a guide of what to do and what not to do.

Electric radiators can come in all shapes and sizes with prices ranging from £70 upto and over £500. Some of the latest designed ones even have built in programmmers and thermostats and called 'A' rated so you would think that they would be good rating on an EPC but not always the case. They are ok for new or newish build properties because the property itself is well insulated but on older properties the will knock the rating back to a lower rating.

Storage Heaters

Dimplex Quantum storage heater Dimplex Quantum Controls Not all storage heaters are energy eficient. The old large block heaters will be the worst on energy ratings. The slimmer ones come in slightly better on a EPC. Now there are quite a few new types storage heaters but the problem is which one do you choose. They will all range in size and price and there is still the mystery of which ones are best recognised in the industry to get the best EPC rating. Here is a list of EPC recognised storage heaters.

Dimplex Quantum QM 050 Creda Quantum CQH 070 Heatstore Quantum HDSQ 070 Gabarron Ecombi HHR ECOHHR20
Dimplex Quantum QM 070 Creda Quantum CQH 100 Heatstore Quantum HDSQ 100 Gabarron Ecombi HHR ECOHHR30
Dimplex Quantum QM 100 Creda Quantum CQH 125 Heatstore Quantum HDSQ 125 Gabarron Ecombi HHR ECOHHR40
Dimplex Quantum QM 125 Creda Quantum CQH 150 Heatstore Quantum HDSQ 150  
Dimplex Quantum QM 150      

Having the right type of heating will impact the EPC rating. A property that had new electric radiators with built in program and thermostat rated F22, after changing the heating to High Heat Retention storage heaters the EPC changed to D55. This is a significant change in the EPC rating. Although not every property will have the same difference because of property type and build age you can clearly see the diference in choosing the correct heating source.